VIP Board Of Directors

                 Chief Probation Officer:    Adolfo Gonzales (NV)


                              Acting President:    Samantha Cardenas

                                          Treasurer:    Veronica Allen (NV)

Chief of Administrative Services:   Debbie Patag (NV)

                                          Secretary:    Rosa Lemus

                  Community Members:    Linda Latimer

                                                                 Tim Griffin  

                                                                 Terry Griffin
                                                                 Sherry Marcue
                                                                 Rose Reyes 
                                                                 Tiffany Kellbach
                                                                 Jorge Gonzales
                                                                 Chandra Evans
                                                                 Keren Ornelas
                                                                 Laura Terry
                                                                 Joseph Torres

                                                                 Terry Myers

                                                                 Mallory Mason 


  Juvenile Field Representatives:    Kenna Schupbach
                                                                 Clara Lapastora

       Adult Field Representatives:    Anna Laudner
                                                                 Colleen Brown
     Institutions Representatives:    Maritza Rodriguez

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Volunteers In Probation, Inc.

San Diego County Probation Department