Volunteers In Probation, Inc.

San Diego County Probation Department

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Volunteers In Probation (VIP), Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable, tax-exempt organization that was established and incorporated in the State of California in December 1970.  It is administered by a board of directors, consisting of volunteers from the community and Probation staff. The organization’s purpose is to assist Probation staff by providing funds for the special needs of the department’s clientele when such needs are not provided by public funds or other available community resources; to raise funds that are to be used for the benefit of probationers; to undertake activities and expend funds to recognize and encourage volunteers to provide funds and services to persons under the jurisdiction of the Probation Department; to accept any voluntary gifts of items or funds raised through the efforts of the VIP, Inc. Board of Directors.

VIP offers scholarships up to $1,000 per student, per school year, to probationers who are in compliance with their probation conditions, have completed or are actively attempting to complete restitution payments, demonstrate ambition and drive to further their education or obtain vocational skills that promote self-sufficiency.

Emergency Funds
VIP provides funds for emergency needs which include, but are not limited to, food, clothing, temporary housing assistance, dental, optometric and medical services, furniture, vocational materials, GED exam fees.

Bus Passes 
Probationers who are compliant with their conditions of probation, but are unable to afford transportation to school, work, to secure employment, or attend counseling are provided bus passes.

Program Needs and Incentives
VIP assists with program needs, including incentives that require fees for participation in cultural events and funds for food and supplies required for recognition and graduation ceremonies.